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Grundlagen C Programmierung

Grundlagen der C Programmierung

Laendlekurs offers a german webinar about C programming on the Microcontroller ATMEGA 128

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Aufbaukurs C Microcontroller

Programmierung in C - Aufbaukurs

Ländlekurs offers an advanced german C programming webinar on the Microcontroller ATMEGA 128.

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YouTube Training Videos

YouTube Channel

The founder of Ländlekurs and MoLaboratory Bernhard Mähr has his own youtube channel with produced training videos.

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  • 10 days of breakthrough coaching*

    I participate in a 10 days breakthrough coaching for self-realization and success. The coaching is in german and free of charge. I can highly recommend this free coaching seminar as it helped me to decide and take action with sports to lose 20 kg weight and inspire others. Read More
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60€ / h Excluding Tax For All Services

60 Euro / h Flatrate

The best thing of all is that I work for you for 60€ / h excluding tax no matter if it is programming or video production or anything else. This price is the same for all services of MoLaboratory.


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German Courses

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  • Everything you need, to create a fantastic software solution!

    Software & Database Development, Customer Documentation, Training Videos, A Webpage For Marketing And Advertising

  • Inspire yourself with our own training material of Ländlekurs!

    Training that support the whole path of life of a programmer including self - realization and spirituality.

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Universal Apps

Software artefacts for all platforms and all device sizes.

Latest Techniques

Development on the latest .NET Framework and SQL Server Technology.

From Specification To Training Videos

Assistance with artefacts in the complete development process from your software specification through software development to the final customer training videos.