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Zweiter Brief an Lord Rothschild


Um seinem Anliegen Nachdruck zu verleihen stellt der Unternehmensgründer auch die Unterschiede zwischen Christen und Juden dar und schreibt dazu einen entsprechenden Brief an Lord Rothschild. Dessen Inhalt lautet wie folgt:

Dear Lord Rothschild,

in my request letter to you I clearified that jews and christians pray to the same God and that your Thora with the books of Moses are basically our old testament in the bible. Now someone might think what separates christians from jews or zionists. What really separates us are an almost unlimited amount of different religious lectures with petty minded controversy like the controversy that you can find in the Talmud. If you look at the Sukkah you can find hundreds of pages about the controversy how a lord's house should look like so that the ark of the covenant finds a home in it, what kind of music should be played so that the sabbath will not be displaced and on and on.


Just to tell you the truth I want to tell you my view about this petty minded controversy. As I wrote in my book about my memories of my life with God (see: https://www.amazon.de/Erinnerungen-Gott-Die-4-Dimension-ebook/dp/B078V5L8WN) I had the ark of the covenant standing in my 70m2 flat already. All I did was cleaning my flat before the roman catholic church brought me the ark of the covenant and the flat was useful. The only important fact was that the flat was cleaned and that there was just enough room to put the ark in my living room which is the kitchen at the same time. When I opened the ark of the covenant to start the feast I played rock n' roll music with my CD player. That was all ok in the eyes of God and God made the music even louder. However the real trial was when somebody showed up with a statue of Shiva. The roman catholic priest prayed to the statue in sight of the ark of the covenant. Unlike Jesus I did not break the statue because I did not want to start another war but I put it into a cabinet so that nobody prays to it in sight of the ark of the covenant. However the roman catholic priest put it out of the cabinet and continued to pray to the statue later again. Therefore I kindly asked the priest to leave my flat. You see these are important trials by God where you can show true faith. A lot of the other petty minded controversy discussions of religious scribe teachers that fill thousands of pages are useless. Jesus recognized this and opposed some of the teachings by religious scribe teachers which also separates christians and jews up to this date.


I hope these petty minded discussions about scribes and traditions can be resolved in one way or another so that you Jews can start to accept Jesus as a messenger of God as well. You don't need to love Jesus but you should believe him enough to believe that you act against your own jewish God when you introduce a worldwide 666 RFID chip (mark of the beast) as a requirement for payment. You should really offer another option without the 666 as well. There will be a jewish kingdom that lasts 1000 years which is the same kingdom that Jesus will reign for 1000 years because Jesus was a Jew. I hope you will find your jewish messiah this time as he will bring you the promised earthly kingdom as promised by Abraham. It is the same messiah that the christians await however.


Kind regards,

Bernhard Mähr