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Erster Brief an Lord Rothschild


Unter Anbetracht der aktuellen Lage und des Fortschritts in der Geschichte der Bibel hat der Unternehmensgründer Bernhard Mähr folgenden Brief an Hr. Rothschild und seine Foundation verfasst. Mit Spannung erwartet er die Antwort der Familie Rothschild.

Dear Mr. Rothschild,

I contact you in the name of the art of Adonai, creator of life and all things. In regards of your wealth and compared to that wealth I do not have a lot of money to offer to you. I am not poor however. I recognized that your foundation likes arts so I thought I send you some fotos of my drawings. I am a strong believer in egyptian kabbalistic christian gnosis. Egyptian because the roots of YHWH are in egypt back in the time before he left egypt together with Moses. Those were golden times when Adonai cooperated with the egyptians. However believe systems of Kabbala and the egyptian team of gods were always different. Back then the egyptian gods did not rebel against Adonai as they nowadays mostly do. They accepted him as chief commander but they refused to abolish slavery which was the main reason for Adonai to go into exile with Moses - a tragedy and root cause of all the misery today. Jesus was his attempt to solve the problem of leadership in this exile with the purely symbolic leadership of the cross. Nowadays this leadership seems to fail and the pure one side of Christianity - the mercy side (pillar) of the Kabbala - seems to be not enough. We believers in Adonai rely on the second side of severity and justice, the second pillar of God as well. I made up my mind about that and rely on these both sides of the Kabbala as well as a small team of the egyptian gods who decide not to form the coalition of rebellion against Adonai. I was born into the roman catholic church but soon recognized this church as the babylonian harlot and left that tradition to find my own tradition based on my karma and the knowledge that comes along this karma from the old golden times when Aton formed the first monotheistic religion inside egypt.


Now to the reason I want to get into contact with you. As a believer in kabbala who took advantage several times of both pillars I also believe that I will have to go through tribulation (see bible - last book!) and I will not be raptured before and be on this earth when the jews have to flee from Israel. As I said compared to you I am not wealthy but I am willing to pay to you in order to get a chip that has no 666 on it. I know that the chip will be free of cost to all the public but the normal chip will come with the huge sacrifice described in the bible and the illness of the grievous sore upon the men which have the mark of the beast. That is described in the bible and pope francis, the false prophet can tell whatever he wants I do not believe him. I want to avoid that wrath of God Adonai to these enemies. I also fully understand and appreciate your symbolic arrows (logo) that point downwards (the wrath that comes alongside the enemies of Adonai) and the arrows of your foundation that point upwards (the culture, arts, and more that you try to save when the wrath comes alongside his enemies - especially if there is another huge war going on). I could also imagine to be part of the movement that works on the arrows which point upwards to heaven - I just think there should be a chip without 666 for good people who want to support these arrows that point to heaven.


I thought I will contact you early enough so that you can prepare a chip without the 666 mark on it for some people who are willing to pay you a premium for that. I hope you can prepare a chip for me that I can get before the chip becomes obligatory and no payments can be done without it. I am willing to pay solely for my believe in Adonai! Be aware I am no friend of universalism because I think there are enemies of Adonai. I also think that there is a reason why most of the poor countries have religions like islam or hinduism. The reason is that Adonai is good to his friends and shows his wrath like Fukushima to his enemies. In fact I truely think that Hitler and his actions against the jews were a result of the rejection of Jesus as the messiah by the jews. Don't take me wrong on this, I think this has been payed by the jews with their lifes more than enough. We don't want to have a Hitler back but we also don't want to have a second tower of babel (universalism, new world order, etc.) either. Just think about how many christians or jews are located in Japan - almost none. Adonai glorifies those who understand his whole message throughout history including his actions against babylon (ark of the covenant at the temple of Dagon, separation of languages after the first tower of babel) and other enemies. That tells me everything. See I think that it is good to show true believe in Adonai by paying for a chip without the mark of the beast (666) while all who show their disbelieve take a chip for free and take the mark of the beast or pay to the babylonian harlot and face justice for that. All I ask for is an option, maybe a separate production of chips, some way other than death to avoid the mark of the beast and have an option to live on this planet until the promised reign of the messiah. I know that a lot of jews reject Jesus as the messiah and they might have their reasons but that is no reason to reject his message he gave the world. At least true christians, not the ones who follow the false prophet, and jews pray to the same God who gave his words to the mouth of Jesus and we should not separate each other because of the rigidity of Jesus or his experiments with his might as a child. Remember Jesus was a jew by himself!


Please answer me if you will consider my request. I would like to get your honest opinion on the mark of the beast. Also I hope you like my drawings. You can get the originals for free for your foundation as well if you wish to - just not the parrot. I gave it away for free to a girl already.


I tried to send you the pictures via e-mail several times but it was impossible due to e-mail size. Therefore I send you my link to download the pictures in a zip file:





Bernhard Mähr


PS: By the way in my view you try the impossible if you try to get a foothold on Russia. It is Gog, the enemy of Adonai and he will make war with the saints and possibly even Israel!